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Kingfa Science & Technology (India) Limited has a dedicated Application Development Center located at Puducherry.

Kingfa Science & Technology (India) Limited has the capability and expertise to develop any stringent / demanding specifications of automotives OEM's.

We have built up resources over the period of time to achieve this.

Our objective is to develop formulations and support customers in part testing and approval.

Apart from essential test facilities, we have special test equipments to test the following:

  • Scratch Performance
  • Fogging
  • Low Temperature Impact Strength
  • Charpy Impact Strength
  • Gloss Level Measurement
  • Light Fastness

Accelerated weathering,Hot-Cold thermal cycling with humidity control and provision to simulate IR Light - Large parts like IP and Bumpers can be tested.

Ball Drop test at room and lower temperature.

Thermal ageing of large parts.

Kingfa Science & Technology (India) Limited also supports customer in part design by providing stress-strain, young's Modulus and Poisson’s ratio

We constantly track the latest requirements of car industries and develop the products these includes

  • Mineral filled PP with good scratch resistance - We Offer products with a rating of 10 N (Ford five finger Method) and DL value lesser than 1.5 (Cross hatch method).
  • High flow High Modulus PP Compound for bumber application to reduce wall thickness and cycle time.
  • Compound with least amount of fogging and smell.
  • Compounds to replace ABS in running tools.
  • Glass coupled grades with superior properties to replace Nylons.
  • Bumber compounds with low Shrinkage (0.7%) and CLTE.

Our compounds are tested and approved by

  • Hyundai Motor corporation, Korea.
  • Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan.
  • Tata Motors Limited.
  • FIAT India Limited.
  • General Motors, India.
  • Volks Wagen, Germany.

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